Omni Flux's Software Development Projects

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Cyrus Quota Postfix Policy Daemon
A Postfix policy daemon to check if a Cyrus account has sufficient space remaining to accept a message.
Prevents over quota bounces by allowing rejection before accepting delivery.
DAZ Studio Shell Extensions
DAZ Studio saves an image with each scene saved, but when opening a scene inside
D|S these images are not displayed as D|S uses the standard Windows file dialog.
I found this really annoying, so I wrote some Windows Shell Extensions to change this.

See some screenshots

Mikrotik MAC Telnet
This is a write-up of my observations on Mikrotik's "MAC Telnet" protocol.
Håkon Nessjøen is developing a compatible client and server.
You can get it at github right now!
Nagios Plugin for Ubiquiti M Radios
A Nagios plugin to check signal strength, noise, CCQ, Airmax quality and capacity,
and tx and rx rates of Ubiquiti M radios via SSH.

Requires Python 2.5+, paramiko, and simplejson (included with Python 2.6+).

Also a template file for graphing the data if you use PNP4nagios.

RBC9 SpaceNavigator Driver
RBC9's 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator driver which allows the SpaceNavigator to act as a
keyboard, mouse, and joystick.

Not really one of my projects; I previously made some modifications to this driver but they
have now all been superseded. I am continuing to host the driver here, however, as RBC9 has
disappeared into the ether.

Information on RBC9's 3dConnexion SpaceNavigator driver

On 2011-03-31 3DConnexion released 3DxWare 10 beta which appears to support everything the
RBC9 driver does.

Please give it a try - especially if you had issues getting the RBC9 driver to work.

Now supports 64-bit Windows thanks to zebra78 and the SpaceExplorer thanks to Michael Balieu!
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